The Importance to Habits

Habits literally shape our everyday actions that grow stronger the more we perform them. This process shifts habits from making decisions to becoming more and more automatic.

Although habits can be a good thing like working out on a daily basis or drinking the daily recommended amount of water, they can also become a disadvantage too. If a bad habit is created, you need to rewire your thinking and replace it with a new one. Much like we have discussed in previous blogs, we are constantly needing to rewire our brains.

Here are 5 steps to start creating new habits

1) Create One Small Habit

The point is to identify a habit you can do all the time, something that will fit into your already busy life and can be completed on a daily basis, even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s important to work on only one habit at a time. That way, your store of willpower and motivation can be channeled into completing that one habit, increasing the odds of success.

2) Be Intentional

An important part of creating good habits is choosing what habits to start with. Your resources are limited, so you need to be careful in selecting what habits to put your energy towards. Choose only the ones that can make the most difference in your life.

For example, choosing a class time that fits with your schedule rather than a class for which you have to move around your entire calendar. It might feel like you're doing this out of convenience, but truth are. You're growing, while also making it manageable to fit your time.

3) Found an Accountability Partner

One of the greatest things to do to form good habits is finding a friend or a significant other to hold you accountable. Accountability can go a long way and allow you to create stronger habits when you feel supported and motivated.

4) Take Small Steps

The risk of relying on motivation alone to form a new habit is that you don’t have a backup plan for when you’re not in the mood. Really, the only way to make a habit stick is to turn it into auto-behavior. You can do this by taking baby steps.

5) Be Balanced

It’s important to live a balanced life. Mental and physical health are just one piece of the puzzle. In order to feel well-rounded, you have to think about other areas of your life to form good habits in such as work, relationships, and spirituality.

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