Simple Ways To Be More Patient

Reflect for a moment. We all want instant gratification and want things with minimal wait time. We expect packages delivered the same day. We expect immediate results from our workouts. We have food delivered to us already pre-cut will get a meal cooked 10 minutes faster. We can even have a book read to us so that we don't have to read them. I think that has to lead us to a life where we have very little patience. Maybe it is time we slow down and practice a little patience. Here are a few simple steps, with intentional motivation, you can succeed.

Make yourself wait

This specific one is super challenging for me. I am the type of person who leaves 30 minutes before making sure I make it 30 minutes early. Start with something small, such as waiting a few minutes to eat your dinner. You and I both know that the second the pizza rolls come out of the oven, they don't have to be consumed at that moment. Then try something bigger, such as making yourself wait the extra 20 minutes, to ensure an early 10-minute arrival instead of 30.

Stop wasting time on things that aren't as important

We all have things in our lives that take time away from what is important. One way of removing stress from our lives is to stop doing those things. Take a few minutes and evaluate your week. Look at your schedule from when you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Take out two or three things that you do that aren't important but take time. It's time to learn to say no to things that cause stress and make us impatient. Besides, this is a boundary-setting for yourself, which has benefits to self-care.

Be mindful of the things that are making you impatient

In today's world, we all have several tasks in our heads, and those tasks jump from thought to thought without taking the time to finish one task first. We live interrupted lives as we try to multitask, and it is frustrating when we feel we aren't making progress. It is better to be mindful of our thoughts, and the best way to understand this is to write down what makes you impatient. This will help you slow down and focus on one task at a time and remove those things that stress you out (unless they're your kid's Kara)

Take deep breaths

Let's be mindful of what stress, anxiety, and impatience can do to our bodies. Remembering to take deep breaths, walk away for a few moments and change our environment can help with all of those stressors. Take baby steps to ensure you're ready to take on more tasks, all while handling them with minimal stress.

We are imperfect, living in an imperfect world. We are going to have multiple tabs open in our brains and try and multitask to ensure the best use of our time. Instead, try and remember that time is something you cannot get back. There won't be a list of tally marks based on the assignments you completed at the end of your life. Take some time to yourself, and focus on what brings value to your life.

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