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The first step to finding some creative outlet is to become self-aware. We talk about self-awareness often; it's kind of like, a big deal! Before you can really put intentional and dedicated work into anything, you have to know a little about the topic, along with a lot about yourself. With COVID guidelines being a bit more relaxed, there is no better time to try something new at the time of this article. For those that do want to explore their options, we have some advice.

For anyone who doesn't know us personally, The Positivity Policy is a duo made of Denny and Kara. We work hard to provide weekly blogs, maintain our growing Facebook page and group, and have been working on writing multiple books. We have dropped hints on the topics but wanted to give a little more information, as we hope that we can inspire you during your discovery process as well.

Individually, we both had a life goal to write a book. Sure, there were many individual thoughts and ideas prior to us meeting. Still, we decided to merge our passions and start creating content we could relate to together and for others to relate to, hopefully. While we both have our own techniques, we have come up with helpful content based on life experiences. Together we help share ways to think more positively and live a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically.

We have written books, and some have been published; a few are still being written; Daily Habit Evolution; a beginning series on how modifying small daily changes can create life-changing and healthier habits. Another series we have created is Love Yourself (after divorce); this will also help guide you to self-care, self-love, and other guidance to self-confidence. We have created a simple book for your grandparents, a list of 199 questions that you can find useful to help you see life through their eyes and know more about your family history.

Bringing positivity and self-awareness is key in all of these books, but we strive for our readers to understand they're not alone, and the effort they put in will provide them big results over time. We look forward to creating many more books for our series and for The Positivity Policy and encouraging each other to find individual creative outlets, such as writing self-published books that are not affiliated with The Positivity Policy.

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While writing books might not be your thing, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you. Take a cooking class, an art class, or join a yoga group. Finding something that can help separate you from your daily routine and refocus your brain to think creatively will help you view life with a bigger picture and a variety of different perspectives. Finding your creative side can help you serve yourself and others.

If you're looking for like-minded friends, you can find us on Facebook. There is always room in our Tribe.


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