Living on auto-pilot is a common way of life for most of us.

We set our alarms for specific days, we watch our shows on certain evenings and even participate in clubs or sports at designated times. As productive as it is to get up and moving towards whatever our day holds, sometimes it can feel like we are zombies. Moaning through the motions of life, and simply remembering to put one foot in front of the other.

Being intentional comes with accountability. Accountability is often the most challenging part. Who can honestly say they have completed every goal they have ever set? (I sure as hell can't). There is always an excuse, and it can be easily found. The snooze button, the weather, the actions of others, etc. Every decision we make throughout our day should be intentional. If we want to be better parents, co workers, employees, family members or simply better for ourselves. As individuals we should be growing every day...and making that our number one priority.

I personally can relate to anyone who has ever set a "new year" goal. I have succeeded in nearly none of them. However, I will admit, the last time I participated in a "resolution" was several years ago. I intentionally quit doing them. This isn't to shame myself or anyone else who has a resolution, there are many people that have completed and continue to complete their goals. I just know myself better than to designate a future date such at 1/1/2021. My growth starts on the day I want to change. The specific date to me is irrelevant, it is solely based on intention in the here and now and where I want to be in the future.

I started making myself be accountable, and it was uncomfortable for a while. Ugh, okay, like, a long while. We all go through phases in life and grow at different speeds. Many people start to grow in hardships, and others grow when they're inspired by a book, influencer or any other form of personal attraction.

We know as individuals the areas that we struggle (often we don't share that part). If you aren't aware of what your specific struggle is, I encourage you to ask yourself what your toxic traits are. We all have them, and this is where the accountability and intentional lifestyle comes in. To change, or to better ourselves, it starts with self awareness, and to take action, it begins with an intention to change.

I carry a list of my own toxic traits, and I have to work on those traits daily. This isn't a "figure it out, check the box and it's finished" situation. This is a "self awareness every day, be intentional about my goals" lifestyle I am living. I have to be accountable and intentional every single day. There isn't anyone else that is going to change who I am, or what I need to change for myself. There isn't anyone that is going to change you, or complete your goals for you. Often times, we find people that help us along the way, but that's it. They help with our goals; they will not accomplish them for us.

Don't get too scared, this all takes time and baby steps. Change, accountability, intentional living and finding motivation takes time. Start with becoming self aware of basic goals, drinking more water, working out, thinking positively and finding ways to stay motivated.

For me, drinking more water was a small step. Personally, this gem (no pun intended) was golden for me. It is easier for me to "see" my accomplishments and this was my vision. Knowing the physical benefits that come from drinking the recommend amount of water every day was an easy goal for me to set. Throw in some basic ab work outs and I feel motivated and proud of myself on those days that I accomplish that task.

I don't always accomplish my goals, but I am intentional about everything I put my effort in. There isn't a person in the world that will be more proud of you...than you. Stop living on auto-pilot, and start a new goal today.


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