How To Self Sabotage With Negativity

Negativity does not serve you in any way.

You're disappearing from your life because you value societies expectations more than you value your own. If you can't find validation in yourselves, you will try and find it from someone else. Most of us have adapted to asking our friends if our outfit looks nice, if we should wear a hat because it might not go good with our outfit or the boots instead of the tennis shoes. Who are we trying to make happy? It isn't ourselves, or we would be happy with the initial decision we had made. We have now allowed societies expectations to dictate the outfit we are wearing. Our confidence is shot and we no longer trust ourselves to make basic decisions, in the attempt to not look stupid or feel judgment.

We are unintentionally self sabotaging ourselves with associating in the negative environment. We could simply be more cautious of what we feed our brains (and bodies). Having more positive self talk, and self confidence is key to creating a healthy environment for ourselves. We consume ourselves in entertainment and people, but there is a time and place for everything. The people we associate ourselves with; the ones that are lazy, unmotivated or jealous. We value their opinions, yet we know they aren't maturing to change their lives. Why do we allow them to be our guide or voice of reason?

The positive sources of energy for our lives would be people that share the same personal goals, reading books ( or listening on audible) that relate to you and your goals, and daily routines that match your ambitions. Being around people that are likeminded about their futures and that are selfless enough to be in your corner for your goals as well. You have to consume your energy and set boundaries for everyone. Otherwise, you are allowing your environment to be covered in negativity based on the opinions and expectations of others. You have to find the people that help motivate you, encourage you and inspire you. Alongside, finding the confidence in yourself.

Things that can help gear you towards a more positive mindset:

-Limit your screen time on useless stuff (delete the apps).

-Unfollow toxic friends/family (SET BOUNDARIES).

-Find people that have the same ambitions as you (Goals baby, goals!).

-Having discipline.

-Create a routine.

When you set boundaries, you are no longer working towards instant gratification (which is an entirely different topic). Boundaries are like walls that you have to put up, in order to protect yourselves. You should not be so focused on everyone else's expectations. Sharing your problems with people will get you one of two results. One being a clear and level headed opinion, with likeminded goals and good intentions (even if you don't like what you're being told). The other will be based on their own selfish needs, with almost no good intention for you (to make you feel temporarily happy).

Finding positivity in the midst of a negative storm can be challenging. But, simple solutions can help you navigate a better mindset, and simply make you a better person. Have the goals, and share them with those within the same likeminded community; even if that means you set boundaries for everyone else. Eat the healthy food, because you know it's good for you, even if that means giving up the fast food. Have the confidence to tell someone that their opinion doesn't matter. Start living for yourself, in the most selfless way; radiate your positivity to those around you, and influence people to want to be a part of your community.

Sharing realistic positive outlooks and motivation is only going to help the world be a better place. It starts with you, and your mindset.

Eff negativity, it doesn't belong here and it doesn't serve you.


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