How To Change Your Perspective

The line between "right" and "wrong" is so thin, it might not even exist. The simple fact that 5+5=10, doesn't change that 1+2+3+4=10. People view things with different perspectives, and it is simply that; different.

How often are you challenging yourself to change your perspective? Typically we go to our same job, sit in the same chair and visit with the same coworkers. This doesn't allow much room to shift or change our perspectives. The work that we do and the people we associate ourselves with might help challenge or encourage us, but the opportunity, if not used; doesn't allow much room for shifting our thinking or using our cerebrum in unique ways.

In order to grow, you must learn that rewiring your brain is part of the process. Your fundamental values are important. However, rethinking how you listen, how you respond and how you engage should always be changing. As human beings, we are always thinking ahead. Stopping and allowing ourselves to truly hear what our partners, kids, parents or friends are saying could grow our relationships with others and help us grow within ourselves.

The following statements are no longer excuses:

-This is just how I am.

-I have always done it this way.

-I'm not changing for anyone.

Replace those sentences with, "I think this way, but I'm rewiring my brain, so I can be more open minded." Being open minded doesn't mean you have to change your core values, or beliefs. It just means that you are open to hearing how other people think, how they feel and how they process.

Rewire your brain with these helpful 3 steps, so that you can start living a healthier lifestyle.

1) Start writing what you are grateful for with a gratitude journal. Force your brain to focus on the positive things in your life.

2) Give yourself and others positive affirmations and change your inner self talk: "I get to work out today." "I get to go to work".

3) Self reflect. Find an author you can relate to and read a self help/growth book. I relate to Rachel Hollis and I highly recommend her books. Here are a few just to get you started. (check out the kindle store, for more options )

We are byproducts of our own environment and the only person that can change that is you. Rewiring your brain takes time and practice, but there are so many benefits in doing so. Start thinking positively and it will help you think realistically with an open mind.


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