Fill Your Cup

Updated: Jan 25

On an airplane you will always hear “should the oxygen level change, secure your face mask before assisting others”.

This applies to the same concept of filling your cup. You must assist yourself before assisting others. This isn’t because you are selfish, it is because you need to treat yourself with the same treatment that you give to others. So often we forget that we must take time to fully acknowledge our mental health.

Anyone reading this is a caregiver in some way; caring for your kids, parents, grandparents, students etc. Before reaching your breaking point, falling on your knees, exhausting your soul, please take time to care for yourself.

It's far too often that we don't acknowledge our mental health as important as our physical health. Broken bones, fractures and scratches can cause an immediate reaction, just as anxiety, stress and fear. Cancer, dementia and some organ failures can be prolonging, just as depression. We have to start normalizing our mental health as a priority, just as our annual physical exams. We care for our bodies during check ups, and it's time we start taking self care, just as serious.

Most importantly, self care comes in every way. What works for you, might not work for me, and that's okay! A simple hour of reading a book, a fresh cup of coffee in silence, journaling, traveling, an hour on a massage table, water splashing on your feet and toes in the sand...anything that reminds you of “you” and your importance to this world. Anything that helps you close your eyes, feel that moment and feel the tension disappear.

Traveling is very important to us, experiencing new things and exploring the world (and even our backyard) can be many hours of self care. Recently my significant other and I were able to travel to a resort in Mexico (El Dorado), although COVID is still around, we socially distanced and were able to experience sights we had never seen, smells we had never smelt and food we had never tasted.

While working and managing a household with multiple kids, we knew we would need to prepare to have the best experience possible. Here are a few items that helped us; our GoPro was "PERFECTO". This allowed us to social distance, and still capture the moments on camera that we needed. Having the extra accessories was absolutely necessary, because we didn't have to worry about it getting wet, or having anything less than the best quality! Check out one similar to ours out here, along with the best accessories:

Smart Remote:

Floating Handle (keeps money secretly secure):

Next was our waterproof dry bag! This was GOLDEN, because everything was safe from the water, which we spent most of our time near. It kept our belongings safe and secure, and it was convenient to carry around. We won't travel without it. If you like your phones, books and any personal items to stay safe, you'll want this bad boy!

Finally (and my personal favorite) the sun hat! I felt like a million bucks and loved being the sexy "senorita" on the beach. This hat was perfect for protecting my skin and helping protect my mind from worrying about my skin!

The smallest planning gadgets can help make adventures stress less. This is so beneficial to help prepare for a clearer mind while you're enjoying selfcare. Take time to help yourself, so that you can help others. Follow our blog for more useful tips and tricks as we dig into more of what fuels our bodies; mentally and physically.

Stay healthy and stay positive my friends!


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