Being Alone Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

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There is no secret that being alone can oftentimes lead to feeling lonely. If we aren't careful, we could be setting ourselves up for a dangerous road, as loneliness can host on the vulnerable and make a home. Isolation can cause depression, low cortisol levels, and sometimes insomnia. But, finding a healthy balance can shift being alone from negativity to positivity. Spending time on your own can help you become more independent and confident. Rather than thinking negative thoughts, time with yourself allows you to love the deepest parts of who you are, find happiness within yourself, and using that to drive you forward; instead of relying on another person to fill that void, you are your only constant. Make sure you are the one to remind yourself of the things you are capable of doing, how far you have come and how amazing your outfit looks today.

Here are a few healthy things you can enjoy being alone and where you might find beneficial to your well-being.

1) Deactivate Social Media

If you feel left out when you look at your social media accounts, it may be time to take a break. Social media can affect our mental health negatively and blind our perception of the world, so removing ourselves for a period of time will help us form a realistic view of who we are and what actually makes us happy.

2) Hype Yourself Up

Take the picture, set the caption, and embrace your beauty, inside and out. It's okay to write yourself love notes and to send yourself flowers. If you're doing this for other people you love, there is no reason you shouldn't be doing this for yourself.

3) Ask For Help

Remember, when you need help, it's more than okay to ask for it. Sometimes to take care of yourself, you have to reach out. When you're overcome by stress, anxiety, or depression, you may need a push to get out of this cycle, so consider seeking out therapy.

4) Appreciate The Silence

The world doesn't stop for anyone, and it can be hectic when we are always moving. Take time away and step back; sit and enjoy the silence. This is a perfect time for you to learn about yourself without distractions.

5) Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone shows you how much you're capable of. It's always good to try things you have not done before. Take yourself out to eat, go hiking alone, or travel a long distance. Putting yourself in an uneasy state of mind means your brain can process new information and allow yourself to grow independently.

6) Accept Who You Are

Above all else, accept yourself for who you are. At the end of the day, you have to live with you. Learning to depend on yourself and truly love yourself in all of your moods, flaws, and creative nature will only help you continue growing and being self-efficient.

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