7 Methods To Show Gratitude

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Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness.

The thing with gratitude is that it actually helps you more than the person receiving it. When you feel thankful, grateful, and content in your own life and your own experiences, then you will find that you want less for yourself and more for others. You’ll find that you’re actually more satisfied with where you are and what you already have in life.

Showing gratitude is much more than a simple ‘thanks’ without further thought, although please and thank you are vital. To improve the quality of your life and the lives of others, it is important to show true gratitude for the things you are grateful for. Here are 7 ways you can let people in your life know just how grateful you are for them.

1) Be an active listener (make eye contact):

Put your phone down, stop looking around and focus on the person talking. Showing that you are active in the conversation will only allow the other person to feel valued and worth your time. Stay involved, contribute to their words and ideas. Showing someone that they are more important than the distractions of the phone, tv, and surrounding shiny objects is a key foundation to communication in any relationship.

2) Show off their gifts (and be a gift-giver):

When someone is kind enough to give you a gift, make sure you wear the clothes around them, display their craft on your desk, or make it known you appreciate the gift simply by using it. This is important for kids too; those "amazing" homemade gifts they bring home from school or paint with a family member for you mean a lot from them...even if you don't know what it is. Let it be known that you value their gestures.

When you're out and about, try and remember something (small) they like if it's a soda, a candy, a toy, or whatever. Set a reminder to randomly Venmo the person enough for dinner or have flowers delivered unexpectedly. Even just a random card reminding the person how much you appreciate them could make their entire day.

3) Be their cheerleader:

You might not support everything they do, but you support them as individuals. It's important to celebrate their victories, just as you would your own. Truly valuing someone means that you want them to be happy and to succeed. If they're doing this, you should be one of the first people to celebrate with them.

4) Write random notes:

Letting someone know how much you appreciate them can be super simple. A sticky note on your neighbor's windshield, a dry erase note on your partner's bathroom mirror, a simple note on your kiddo's bedroom door. Small gestures can mean big things to those we love and care about. Reminding them of their strengths and how much they contribute to our lives will encourage them to continue to do those things and boost their confidence.

5) Share your talents:

We all have talents and things we are good at. Why not share them? If you can create a good budget, write a good resume, craft a personalized item, these gifts should be shared. While time is valuable to us all, so is appreciation. Make it a priority to see a friend or family member in need of something you can assist with, and offer your help without anything in return.

6) Pay it forward:

Pay for the person in the drive-thru behind you, pay for the layaway order, or offer to babysit a close friend/family member for a parent's night out. The list is endless. Doing something kind for a stranger or someone you know can only bring the world positivity and smiles.

7) Smile.

Simple. Smile at everyone....even with your mask on; you can wave. You might not always get the same gesture in return. However, your job as a productive member of society is to make the world a better place. If a smile/wave is the only thing you can do right now from this list, then it's one small step to making a big difference.

Start making most of these daily habits. They're small enough, and some take minimal effort. Try and be intentional with these to help create a more positive world and influence others to follow your lead. Be the person your people need you to be.

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